Build Recipe 12 - Sig All Metal P320 AXG Legion

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An all metal version of the long time polymer favorite P320.

Why this one? 

If you are a fan of Sig Sauer P320's, you will love this all metal AXG Legion. The AXG grip module is an all metal version of the classic polymer P320 grip module. It adds weight to the bottom half of the gun that makes it shoot flatter at speed, and personally I think it feels better in the hand. It has a built in flared mag well which adds a comfortable barrier to the bottom of your grip and allows a wide opening for quick reloads.

Another feature that makes this model desirable is the built in compensator that can be seen on the top of the front of the slide. If you are familiar with the P365 X-MACRO Comp, this is a similar design. The barrel is cut shorter than the slide, and ports are cut into the top of the slide. When the gun is shot, the gasses following the projectile out of the barrel are diverted upwards through the ports on top, which pushes the front end of the gun back down, counteracting its natural upwards rotation. This is designed to allow you to shoot flatter at speed. 

This is a great gun for someone that is looking to enjoy their shooting experience. Its length and weight is perfect for enjoyable shooting, but its a big long and heavy for daily carry.

Build Recipe 12 - Sig Sauer All Metal P320 AXG Legion Build Recipe 12 - Sig Sauer All Metal P320 AXG Legion


The Sig Sauer P320 AXG Legion is slide cut for the Sig Sauer Romeo1Pro red dot optic. That red dot can be mounted directly to the slide without need for an additional mounting plate. The dot is clear and bright, and the controls are easy to use.


A pistol mounted weapon light like the Surefire X300U serves a number of purposes. It allows for low light visibility, it can disorient an assailant's vision, and it serves as a weight to balance the recoil behavior of the gun while shooting. I prefer the Surefire X300U-B for these P320 builds. It's bright, it has a good weight to it, and the buttons are easy to manipulate. It also allows for a wide variety of holsters as most are made for this light.

Build Recipe 12 - Sig Sauer All Metal P320 AXG Legion