Build Recipe 16 - Every Day Carry Sig Sauer P365XL

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A flexible micro 9mm that converts to a full size 17rd grip.



The purpose of this recipe is to end up with an every day carry pistol that can be both very small and comfortably large with nothing but a magazine change. The recipe needs to contain a functional and realistic method of carry, be capable in a self defense scenario, and not negatively impact day to day activities.

Build Recipe 16 - Every Day Carry Sig Sauer P365XL Build Recipe 16 - Every Day Carry Sig Sauer P365XL


Why this one? 

It can be small when you want small, and big when you want big.

There are plenty of options in the micro 9 world but when it comes to versatility the P365 series is one of the most flexible. The P365 comes in a few different sizes. The P365XL bridges the gap for people that feel the P365 and P365X are a little too small, but the P365 XMACRO is a little too big. The P365XL comes with a grip size that holds a 12 round flush fit magazine, but can accept a 17rd magazine from the P365 XMACRO. 

This means the XL can convert between a small 12 round grip or a larger 17 round grip when the situation calls for it by just swapping mags



For this build I went with the new Romeo-X Compact by Sig Sauer. It's a direct fit install that doesn't need an adapter. The glass is appropriately sized for the gun. The battery is accessible from the side without having to remove the optic from the gun to replace the battery. I like the way it looks on the gun, and I like aiming it. 



The light I prefer for P365 builds is the Streamlight TLR-7SUB for sig rail. It's a lot of light In a small package. The controls are easy to reach, and many holsters are made to work with this light. 



The 17 round P365 XMACRO magazine comes with 3 different base plates. One fits flush in an XMACRO grip module, one is for the P365X and P365XL grip module, and one is for the P365 grip module. If you install the P365XL base plate, you can use this 17 round grip in your P365XL and increase capacity to 17 rounds. It also acts as a grip extension for those with a hand size that leaves some pinky finger hanging off the end of the XL grip.



Safariland recently released their INCOG-X IWB light bearing holsters for the P365XL and i like them a lot. You can order them with or without a removable mag caddy. The mag caddy is a great place to keep a 17 round mag, while keeping a 12 round flush fit mag in the gun to maximize capacity while minimizing printing through your shirt.

Build Recipe 16 - Every Day Carry Sig Sauer P365XL

Build Recipe 16 - Every Day Carry Sig Sauer P365XL Build Recipe 16 - Every Day Carry Sig Sauer P365XL