Build Recipe 6 - Sig Carry Optics X5 Legion

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Build Recipe 6 - Sig Sauer X5 Legion USPSA "Carry Optics" Class Competition Ready Pistol Build Recipe 6 - Sig Sauer X5 Legion USPSA "Carry Optics" Class Competition Ready Pistol

There are lots of ways to customize a Sig Sauer P320 but this recipe is for a "cheat code" striker fire P320 build that is capable of dominating the "Carry Optics" class at USPSA competitions without breaking any rules.

The Gun

The Sig Sauer X5 Legion is a class favorite because of its weight balance, its customizability, and its price. The weighted polymer grip makes it heavier than many metal frame guns in its class, but the top half of the gun has a light recoil spring and lightened slide which results in a fast flat shooting platform out of the box. All of that for a price tag under $1000 is a deal that is hard to pass up.

Sig Sauer X5 Legion USPSA "Carry Optics" Class Competition Ready Pistol

The Magazines

USPSA “Carry Optics” class allows for up to 140mm of magazine length. The factory 17 round magazines that come with the X5 Legion can be increased to 23 round capacity within the 140mm limit by using an extended base plate, spring, and follower. The one we like to use is made by Springer Precision, and we pair it with a Grams Engineering extra capacity follower to get the maximum 23rd capacity out of a 140mm magazine. The added magazine capacity comes in handy during competition. Maybe you want to allow yourself more opportunity for makeup shots at the Texas star. Or maybe you just want to have more flexibility over where your mag change happens within the stage. The last competition I was in required 32 shots. The place that made the most sense to swap mags was after the 12th shot during the run to where the 13th shot needed to happen. That left 20 shots that needed to happen from my 2nd mag. If I was using 17 round mags I wouldn't have been able to reload during the running portion, because I wouldn’t have had enough rounds in my second mag to finish the stage. So I would have had to lose time reloading in a place where I should have been shooting. In competition, I'll take as big of mags as they allow.

Mag well note

The X5 Legion comes with a capable mag well but since they are not allowed in Carry Optics, we take it off by removing 1 screw at the bottom of the back of the grip module. This is not a permanent modification, and it can be reinstalled at any time.

Sig Sauer X5 Legion USPSA "Carry Optics" Class Competition Ready Pistol

The Optics

The most popular optic for the X5 Legion has been the Sig Sauer Romeo1 PRO for a long time because it is a direct bolt-on with pretty large glass. But for our “cheat code” X5 Legion build I prefer the even larger glass of the Sig Sauer Romeo3XL. It requires a mounting plate made by Springer Precision, which requires the elimination of the rear iron sight, but the result is a massive 35mm glass red dot with a very slim bezel that is a dream to shoot. I have started converting several of my guns over to this optic including my Staccato P and my Sig MPX. It has a lightweight and small body but with bigger glass than a Romeo1 Pro.

The Belt Setup

I found that the battle belt I love for “tactical” style training wasn’t quite optimized for competition shooting. The things I look for in a good BATTLE BELT setup are retention, utility, and snag reduction. But for a competition belt, my load out is significantly reduced, and I want my gun and mags to come out of their holders quickly and easily without drag or grippy retention. The competition belt setup I recommend is made by Kore. It features a soft velcro inner belt that goes through the belt loops of your pants, and a stiff 1.5" outer belt that has the holster and mag pouches attached to it. The over all length is cut to fit, and there is a ratcheting buckle that lets you get the belt very tight if needed. The mag pouches are made by Double Alpha Academy. The retention on the holster and mag pouches is set to allow them to come out easily.