Build Recipe 17 - Sig Sauer Spear LT 5.56 11" SBR

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The ultimate suppressed 5.56 piston rifle.


A suppressed rifle with an overall barrel length around 16" while suppressed, that shoots an affordable ammo with very little recoil.


Why this gun?

  • The Spear LT from Sig is a gas piston operated rifle, which means there is no need for a buffer tube or tradditional buffer system. This allows the stock to fold, and shoot while folded. The folding stock and 11" barrel length make the gun easy to stow in most appropriate places.
  • The Spear LT also comes with an adjustable gas block that has a setting for flawless suppressed shooting.
  • Another nice feature is the fully ambidextrous controls for mag release, bolt catch, and bolt release.
Caliber : 300 Blackout
Barrel Length : 9"
Barrel Twist : 1:5
Operating System : Gas Piston
Color : Coyote
Weight : 5.6lbs (2.5kg)
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This build out has an EOTECH EXPS3-0 on a Unity Riser an EOTECH G33 3x Magnifier on a Unity flip up mount. I really love this optic setup for how flexible it can be in different scenarios. It can be just as effective at 7 yards as it is at 300 yards. The Unity riser gets the optic up to a height where I don't have to extend my neck to lower my head into an uncomfortable position. It also gets the optic up high enough that the magnifier can be stowed in the down position using the Unity mount, instead of flipping out to the side like the EOTECH mounts.


Normally with a 36 yard zero using 5.56, you can hit shots on a silhouette at 36y, 100y, 200y, 300y, and 400y without having to hold the reticle above the target and an 11" barrel probably isn't too consistent past that distance anyways. So a reticle with bullet drop marks wont be required, and the standard EOTECH circle dot reticle with optional 3x magnification is very effective in this range. 

Magnification : 1x
Color : Black
Reticle : Red 68 MOA Ring & 1 MOA Dot
Note : Compatible with night vision
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Color : FDE Flat Dark Earth
Fits : 1913 to 1913 Rail
Height : 2.26"
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Magnification : 3x
Color : Black
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Color : FDE Flat Dark Earth
Fits : Magnifier to 1913 Rail
Height : 2.26"
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Sig makes a compact flow through suppressor called the SLX556C-QD that reduces gas in the face through the ejection port, and installs onto the existing Sig muzzle device with a quick attach clutch system. It's not the lightest suppressor option on the market, but it's compact, hearing safe, installs without tools, keeps gas out of your face, and gets the job done right.

  • Flow-through design (less gas)
  • Quick attach
  • Compact size
  • Inconel (durable)
  • Heavy
  • Pricey
Caliber : 5.56x45 NATO / .223 Rem
Material : Inconel
Attachment : Sig Clutch-Lok QD & 1/2x28 Thread Adapter
Weight : 14.4 oz
Length : 5.2"
Diameter : 1.67"
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For builds like this, one of the stocks we prefer the most is the JMAC skeletonized folding stock with rubberized shoulder pad. They come with a 1913 folding hinge and come in 2 different lengths, 8" or 9". I am 6'1" and with my arm-length I prefer the 9" but it will depend on your personal preference. They also come in Black or Tan color options.

  • Thin/Compact
  • Color matches well
  • Feels solid with no rattle
  • Comes in 2 lengths
  • Not much cheek surface
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Color : Black
Fits : JMAC Skeletonized Stocks
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Light & Grip

For this build we went with the Surefire Scout Light Pro (M640U) and Surefire dual function pressure switch. This is a dual battery light that produces 1000 lumens, and the dual function switch allows it to go constant on/off or momentary on only while pressing.


The second battery adds a little more weight, but it does get the head of the light out further towards the front of the suppressor, which reduces the silhouette shadow that the suppressor creates by blocking the output of the light. It also comes in black or tan. 


The included Surefire M-LOK swivel mount allows the light to rotate tight against the hand guard so its not hanging out off the side of the gun.


The Sig vertical grip is a perfect hand stop for the 11" spear LT hand guard. It completes the ergonomics package to make the gun feel naturally comfortable when held.

Color : Tan
Mount Type : 1913 Picatinny & MLOK
Light Output : 1000 Lumens
Activation Switching : Click Tailcap
Length : 5.5 inches
Weight with Batteries : 138 g
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Product Type : Flashlight On/Off Switch
Color : Tan
Mount Type : 1913 Picatinny & MLOK
Activation Switching : Tape Switch + On/Off Button
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Charging Handle

My opinion is that the factory charging handle from sig is not quite big enough to grab easily when the EOTECH magnifier is folded down on a Unity flip up mount. Radian makes a charging handle with tabs that stick our further, making it easy to grab and cycle the bolt with even when the magnifier is folded down.. 

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Build Recipe 17 - Sig Sauer Spear LT 5.56 11" SBR

Overall this gun checks all the check boxes for a "do it all" rifle for me

  • It's "hearing safe" without hearing protection.
  • It doesnt have trouble operating while suppressed.
  • It's not incomfortably long with the suppressor installed.
  • It folds in half.
  • It's not too heavy for practical use.
  • The recoil is minimal.
  • It allows quick and easy engagement at varying distances within 300y
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