Build Recipe 15 - Sig Sauer P320 DH3 Competition

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A competition-ready weighted pistol that shoots flat at speed right out of the box without modifications.


The DH3 P320 is Sig's competition-ready striker fire pistol of Daniel Horner's design. It has the same heavy tungsten infused grip module as an X5 Legion, but with grip tape added. And it also has unique slide cuts and a tan paint job. 

Why this one? 

The P320 is a very popular gun for striker fire shooting competitions. Many people start with the X5 Legion, and this is one step up from that gun. The tungsten infused polymer grip module weights the bottom half of the gun, while slide cuts lighten the top half of the gun. The gun feels to be sprung pretty light as the slide cycles with very little input. It comes optic ready with a Sig Romeo1Pro or Leupold Delta Point Pro footprint, which means it works with the EOTECH EFLEX and Holosun SCS 320 as well. The weight balance of this gun allows it to shoot fast and flat for a striker fire gun. And its enjoyable to shoot. Its Carry Optics legal in USPSA if you remove the mag well (1 screw) and it fits in Limited Optics or Open Division with the mag well on.


There are quite a few optics that mount directly to this slide without an adapter, but my favorite one for this gun is the Sig Sauer Romeo1Pro in FDE with the 6 MOA reticle. It matches the gun like it belongs there. The glass is spacious and clear, and the bezel is minimalistic and non intrusive. 


My favorite light for the full size P320s is the Surefire X300U. It's 1000 Lumens, and the additional weight helps balance the gun even more.

Build Recipe 15 - Sig Sauer P320 DH3 Competition Build Recipe 15 - Sig Sauer P320 DH3 Competition