Build Recipe 23 - Suppressed 5.56 Sig Rattler

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A suppressed 5.56 pistol in a folding compact package

This build recipe focuses on incorporating rifle caliber stopping power into a compact form typically only available in pistol caliber, and we added a suppressor because a 5" 5.56 gun is loud.

The Gun

We start this build recipe with a 5.5" Sig Sauer MCX Rattler in 5.56


   - 5.56 stopping power

   - Foldable

   - Adjustable gas block

   - Small form factor

   - Just works 


There is a lot I like about this gun, mainly that you get 5.56 stopping power in a small form factor. It's a 5.5" AR pistol with an adjustable gas block that runs without problems


However, there are a few things I really don't like about this gun, that get changed out later in this recipe. Mainly, the muzzle device and grip are the first two things I get rid of.

Caliber : 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length : 5.5"
Barrel Twist : 1:7
Operating System : Gas Piston
Color : Black
Weight : 6lbs (3kg)
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The SOCOM RC3 is the newest in battle proven suppressor technology from Surefire.


The RC3 features flow improvements over its predecessor, the RC2, which was the standard in suppressor excellence for many years. 


The flow improvements allow less gas to make it back out through the ejection port and into your face.


To install this suppressor, a Surefire muzzle device is required. But the muzzle of the 5.56 Rattler comes with female thread and a male threaded muzzle device threaded in. So we use a double male threaded adapter to install the Surefire muzzle brake. Which allows us to install the RC3 suppressor.

Caliber : 5.56 NATO
Attachment : Mates to Surefire Suppressor Adapters
Weight : 17 oz
Length : 6.3"
Diameter : 1.5"
Color : Black
Note : Minimum barrel length of 10 inches
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Caliber : 5.56x45 NATO / .223 Rem
Attachment : 1/2x28
Length : 2.6"
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The Surefire Mini Scout Light Pro is my favorite light for compact builds. It's small and light weight and doesn't take up too much space on the rail.


It provides 500 lumens of light which allows you to see in low light conditions, but doesnt blind you if the light reflects off of a close wall.


It comes with a picatinny and MLOK mount that allows it to hug the rail close, or swing out away from the rail. 


I use the optional dual function switch from Surefire that allows for momentary actuation or a traditional on/off click button. 

Color : Black
Mount Type : 1913 Picatinny & MLOK
Light Output : 500 Lumens
Activation Switching : Click Tailcap
Length : 4.1 inches
Weight with Batteries : 104 g
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Product Type : Flashlight On/Off Switch
Color : Black
Mount Type : 1913 Picatinny & MLOK
Activation Switching : Tape Switch + On/Off Button
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The JMAC ST-6 folding stock adapter allows the ability to install your favorite brace (or stock if you have an SBR tax stamp).


I use an Arisaka finger indexer as a grip reference point but also as a barricade stop if I need to stabilize the gun against some fixed cover.


And I just cant stand the factory Rattler grip so I replace it with a minimalistic MOE grip from Magpul.

Color : Black
Fits : 1913 Rail Sections
Length : 6"
Note : Butt stock not included
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Color : Black
Fits : M-LOK Rails
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Color : Black
Fits : AR15 without beavertail
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The Aimpoint T-2 is a staple in the optics community for its durability and reliability in the most extreme conditions. 


It is 1x non magnified red dot that is enclosed from weather. 


It has a simple and easy to use single dot reticle, with brightness adjustments on the side, that can be used with both eyes open, allowing you to maintain focus on the target.


The version of the T-2 I selected for this build recipe is mounted on a 39mm mount that allows the shooter to aim without having to tilt their head forward and down, putting their neck in an uncomfortable position that will cause premature fatigue.

Magnification : 1x
Reticle : 2 MOA Dot (Red)
Mounting : Picatinny
Mount Height : 39mm
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