Build Recipe 14 - Sig Spear LT 16" 5.56 Rifle

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A 16" Rifle that can hold its own in battle or competition.


A 16" 5.56 rifle can serve a wide range of purposes. The 16" barrel length allows for bullet velocities that will let the bullet reach distances visible at 6x magnification with repeatable accuracy. 16" Rifles don't require NFA Tax Stamps.

Why this one?  

Sig Sauer's gas piston operating system allows for a folding stock with no buffer or buffer tube, and can even be shot while folded. It provides a smooth and fast shooting operation that fire a wide range of ammo without malfunction. 

The stock that comes on this gun from Sig is a little shorter than I would normally use, but it brings the gun a little closer to my body than I would normally hold it, which makes the overall length feel shorter than other guns with 16" barrels.

The way this gun is outfitted, it definitely feels like a good candidate for the "if I could only grab 1 gun on my way out the door..." scenario we always play out in our minds.

Build Recipe 14 - Sig Spear LT 16" 5.56 Rifle


This gun is totally capable of reaching out to 400 yard distances (and probably farther in more skilled hands) but I would personally probably grab one of my other build recipes for distances past that. So I went with a 1-6x First Focal Plane LPVO from Sig for the main optic. This optic allows a clear crisp image through the glass and a functional reticle with illumination.

I added a Sig Sauer Romeo1Pro 1x Red dot on a Sig 45degree canted red dot mount for sudden closer engagements. The combination of a 6x LPVO with a canted 1x Red dot is a package I have used extensively in competition and it is very usable and very functional.

Build Recipe 14 - Sig Spear LT 16" 5.56 Rifle


I went with a Surefire M640U Scout Light Pro and Dual Function Switch for this gun as it could certainly be appropriate in a duty style encounter in limited visibility. It's a double battery body that puts out 1000 lumens. Not being able to see will make you feel helpless even with a gun in your hand so if you aren't going to keep one on your gun, make sure to keep one somewhere else.

Vertical Grip

The Sig Sauer vertical grip felt like a comfortable match for this gun. The position I have it in allows for me to c-clamp the hand guard while having a "wall" to pul back against. It's small and it mates to the MLOK rail without a lip overhang like other grips do. 


I typically use Lancer translucent mags so I can see the round capacity at a glance. For this build I used the translucent smoke color.


I transport guns of this size in the Sig 42" rifle bag. It looks good, it's strong, and it has 3 big spacious pockets on the front for carrying ammo, mags, and hearing/eye protection.

Build Recipe 14 - Sig Spear LT 16" 5.56 Rifle Build Recipe 14 - Sig Spear LT 16" 5.56 Rifle Build Recipe 14 - Sig Spear LT 16" 5.56 Rifle
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