Build Recipe 3 - Staccato XC + 509T + X300

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A competition-level top tier shooting experience that remains flat at speed, in a package similar to duty/defense. 


The Staccato XC is one of the fastest and flattest shooting guns on the market.

  • The ported compensator on the front of the barrel helps direct gasses upwards, reducing muzzle climb, which helps keep the sights on target.
  • The 2.5lb trigger weight makes for a crisp and effortless break that will make spoil you as far as other guns are concerned.
  • The new TAC grip that comes on the SC provides a surface that allows for a solid and confident grip without becoming uncomfortable after a long day at the range.
  • The Holosun 509T provides a spacious viewing pane with a configurable reticle that allows for ring and dot, just dot, or just ring.
  • The 509T is also a closed emitter optic meaning that dirt, sand, water, and other debris cannot affect the functionality of the dot like some open emitter optics might.
  • Having the Surefire X300U installed allows the use of a Black Hawk T-Series Level 2 Holster for range drills. It also helps the shooter train with a weapon that is similar in weight and balance with controls that are in the same places as Staccato duty/carry weapons.


This is the combination that many of us train with here at Real Street Tactical. It is a proven configuration that works very well and allows even a novice shooter to put several shots in the A-Zone of a target from distances further than they are used to shooting. This is a setup that will very likely make you fall out of love with your other guns.


The XC comes with one 20rd magazine and two 17rd magazines included. Since XC's are often used in training drills, we offer additional 20 round magazines for purchase separately. And there is even a 26 round magazine as well.

If you plan on using the Black Hawk T-Series Level 2 Holster, the X300 will have to be installed on the gun for the retention mechanism to work, and for the gun to lock into place.

Build Recipe 3 - Staccato XC w/ Holosun 509T & Surefire X300U Build Recipe 3 - Staccato XC w/ Holosun 509T & Surefire X300U Build Recipe 3 - Staccato XC w/ Holosun 509T & Surefire X300U