Build Recipe 4 - Staccato P Limited with Dead Air Wolfman Suppressor

Build Recipe 4 - Staccato P Limited with Dead Air Wolfman Suppressor

29th Nov 2022


An all-purpose, top tier, pistol outfitted for shooting enjoyment, that can still be concealed and also shot without hearing protection.


This setup has become my personal favorite (Clay) for the following reasons

  1. The Staccato P Limited is a great base gun to start with. The lighter aluminum frame, the lighter trigger, and the threaded barrel are a great starting point for a gun that will be carried, and shot suppressed. And the X-Cut slide serrations are a nice cosmetic touch as well.
  2. The Dead Air Wolfman Suppressor is a very flexible choice that can be ran in 2 different length configurations (5.13" or 7.5"). An additional booster and piston is required to use on a 9mm pistol but this can is very light in the shorter format (9.8oz) which makes it easy to shoot while hanging off the front end of a hand gun. 
  3. The Surefire X300U provides enough light that you will have a wide field of view in the middle of the night that will make it feel like daytime. 
  4. The Holosun 508T has been a robust and flexible optic for me. I like that I can change the reticle from a circle, to a dot, to a circle dot, the battery is accessible without taking the optic off the slide, and it auto sleeps with shake awake to conserve battery life. 

Build List

  1. Staccato P Limited (Part Number: 12-1201-000400-01)
  2. Dead Air Wolfman (Part Number: DA WOLFMAN)
  3. Dead Ai Booster (Part Number: SD500)
  4. Dead Air Piston (Part Number: DA401)
  5. Holosun 508T Green (Part Number: HE508T-GR X2)