Staccato C vs CS vs C2

Staccato C vs CS vs C2

20th Jun 2024

With the June 2024 release of the new 4" Staccato C, many of us are wondering "what is the difference between the Staccato C and CS" or "How is the Staccato C different than the C2?"

Hopefully this article will help clarify the differences between these 3 carry options. 

First of all, they are all 2011's so the grip angle and controls will feel similar between all of them. Because they are all 2011's they will all have the wonderful single stage hammer fire trigger pull, they will all have the noticeable weight of an aluminum frame 2011, and they will all come with polymer grip modules. 

Now lets get into the differences

Grip Size

The new Staccato C is the first Staccato pistol that can be ordered with two different grip sizes.

  • The smaller of the two C grip sizes is identical to the Staccato CS grip and can accept the early CS 16rd mags or the new C/CS 15rd mags.
  • The longer of the two C grip sizes accepts a 17rd flush fit magazine without adding any additional width. This new 17 magazine is specific to the C and is not interchangeable with the C2, P, XC, or XL. But it will fit in the short grip C and CS if you don't mind that it will stick out further than flush. 


Originally, when they first announced the C, we all expected the short grip C to come with 16rd CS mags. However, after some customers complained that they were having trouble fully inserting a full mag into a gun that already had a round chambered, Staccato decided to change the spring and follower to a 15rd capacity. So now the short grip C (same as CS) and the new CS's come with 15rd mags instead of 16rd mags. 

The long grip C will ship with 17rd mags that are not compatible with the C2, P, XC, or XL staccato models. The 17rd C mags will fit in the CS or the short grip C but will stick out further than flush.

The C2 comes with a 16rd mag that is not interchangeable with the C or CS and is too short to fit in a P, XC, or XL so it is specific to the C2. The C2 can however use P, XC, and XL mags if you dont mind them sticking out further than flush. 

Staccato CS vs C

Staccato CS vs C

Staccato C2 vs C

Staccato C2 vs C

Barrel Length

At 4.0 inches, the C has the longest barrel length out of the 3 guns being compared in this article. The C2 is 3.9 inches and the CS is the shortest at 3.5". 

Threaded Barrels

At the time of this article (June 2024) Staccato had not announced a threaded barrel option for the C or CS yet. So if you are looking for a gun that you can shoot suppressed, the C2 will be your only option within these 3.

Barrel Coating

All 3 models are available with stainless or DLC coated barrels. Some like two-tone look of the stainless barrel when new, but the finish can dull over time where the DLC coated barrels will still look black over time.


The CS and the C both come with external extractors, while the C2 features an internal extractor. I'm sure there is a reason why the new models moved to an external extractor but I have never had a problem with any of these models getting the spent casing out of the gun or cycling the next round in, so this feature doesn't really make a difference to me.


The new C, like the CS, can be ordered with a Curved or Flat trigger from the factory.

The C2 is only available with a curved trigger from the factory.

Frame Material

All 3 models have aluminum frames.

Optics Compatibility 

All 3 models can accept the same Dawson mounting plates for optics.

Trigger Weight

All 3 of these models are going to come with the typical Staccato carry weight 3.5-4.5lb trigger. 

Slide Serrations

All 3 of these models are available from Staccato with slide serrations.