Staccato 4.15 P Heritage 4.15" 9mm 2011 Pistol NEW FOR 2023

Staccato 4.15 P Heritage 4.15" 9mm 2011 Pistol NEW FOR 2023

13th Oct 2023

On 10/13/2023 Staccato announced the release of a new model called the Staccato 4.15 P Heritage that comes with a 4.15" dlc coated barrel, x-cut slide serrations, a steel frame, and full size grip. 

Here are the highlights

  • 4.15" DLC Coated Barrel
  • Steel Frame
  • Full Size 17rd Gen 2 Tac P Grip
  • Full Length Dust Cover
  • 4 X-Cut Slide Serration
  • 4-4.5lb Duty/Carry Trigger

Back in 2019, Staccato offered a 4.15" P with a tree bark textured 17rd grip module and a full length dust cover and it became an all-time favorite. The full length dust cover is a cosmetic feature that many find more attractive than the guns with slides that hang out past the dust cover.

The 2023 4.15P comes with a P-size grip with Gen2 tac texture, which means it takes 17+ round magazines, and will not take the 16rd C2 magazines like the 2019 P did. You can use the 17, 20, and 26 round magazines from Staccato, as well as the 21 and 23 round mags from Atlas.

X-Cut Serrations are typically a custom order feature on P's, with the exception of the P Limited that comes with the cuts from Staccato, but the typical slide cut serrations are usually 3 cuts. The new 2023 Staccato 4.15 P features 4 slide cuts on each side instead of the usual 3.

The barrel comes DLC coated, which will help it continue to look the same over time.

The trigger on the models we received is measuring around 0.5-1lb lighter than the usual duty/carry P trigger that comes with a curved plastic shoe. However, Staccato advertises them as the same weight.

Link to purchase