Staccato CS Options Explained

Staccato CS Options Explained

18th Mar 2023

There are a number of options that can make your Staccato CS purchase seem more complicated than it really is. In this article we will simplify these options to help you make your decision confidently.

First, I will start with a chart that will do the most help, then I will explain each of the 3 options

  • Iron Sight Height
  • Trigger Shoe Shape
  • Barrel Coating
Part Number Iron Sight Height Trigger Shoe Shape Barrel Price
Tactical (Tall) Flat SS $2579.00
Tactical (Tall) Flat DLC Coated SS (Black) $2679.00
Tactical (Tall) Curved SS $2499.00
Tactical (Tall) Curved DLC Coated SS (Black) $2599.00
Carry (Short) Flat SS $2579.00
Carry (Short)
Flat DLC Coated SS (Black) $2679.00
Carry (Short)
Curved SS $2499.00
Carry (Short)
Curved DLC Coated SS (Black) $2599.00

Iron Sight Height

The height of the sights correlates to the ability to co-witness with your red dot optic of choice. Any of the optics will fit on any of the guns, but if you want the red dot from the optic to coincide with the top of the iron sight when aiming, you will want to pick the appropriate iron sight height for the red dot you will be using.

There are two different iron sight height options for the Staccato CS

  • Tactical Height (Taller) - Co-witnesses with 
    • Holosun 507C / 508T / 509T
    • Trijicon RMR / RMRcc / SRO
    • Leupold Delta Point Pro
    • Aimpoint ACRO
    • Vortex Viper
  • Carry Height (Shorter)
    • Holosun 407K / 507K
    • Sig Romeo Zero

To make it simple, just pick the sight height that aligns with the red dot you intend on using.

Note: Dawson Precision mounting plates are required to mount red dot optics to the Staccato CS slide. Here is a list of the mounting plates and the red dot sights they pair with. 

Trigger Shoe Shape

This choice is much simpler. Do you prefer the feel of a curved trigger or a flat trigger on your trigger finger. If you don't already have a preference one way or the other, then you could probably be happy with either. However, many people have developed a strong preference towards one or the other so Staccato offers both. If you ask a group of shooters which they prefer there will probably be a third of them that will tell you why curved is better, a third of them that will tell you why flat is better, and a third that don't care either way and a lot of it probably has to do with what they started with when they were in the early stages of their training.

Barrel Coating

The Staccato CS comes with a stainless steel barrel with an option to have it DLC Coated. DLC stands for Diamond Like Carbon Coating. It is often used as a hard coating where metal touches metal to reduce wear and oxidation. From a function point of view, the coating will not affect the performance of the gun or the way it shoots in any way that you could notice. And if you keep the gun properly lubricated like you should, then neither barrel should have a problem with wear or oxidation. For the most part, this is mainly a cosmetic decision. It's really a matter of it you prefer the black on black look, or the contrast of the silver and black color.